A Day in Berlin by Stefanie de Valesco

There's no city like Berlin. We have more museums than rainy days per year.  We have four opera houses.  We have a Currywurst museum. On a saturday night there's an average of 10,000 people dancing in the clubs. 44 % of our city is parks and forest, and there's more nightingales living in Berlin than in the black forest. We won the award for the worst dressed people in 2013, and, if climate change has its way, our city will be on the shores of the ocean.

When to visit:

Best time to come to Berlin is before the hot summer months, when the city has recovered from the last party season and is ready to start again. Don't come in winter, its way too cold and in fall Berlin looks like a hungover old "brothel madam" who needs an aspirin.

Where to wake up:

You should rent a nice airbnb place next to Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg. Watch the aggressive swans in the morning as they attack the tourists.

Where to eat breakfast:

I recommend any turkish diner where you have a delicious breakfast with lentil soup, tabbouleh and halloumi.

The best tourist attraction to visit:

I love the abandoned amusement park in Plänterwald.

Where to eat lunch:

Grab anything cheap at Schlesische Straße. Eat your way through Döner Kebap, Currywurst or a burger from Burgermeister, all whilst crossing the former line of the wall.

A place to visit that only locals know:

I won't tell, sorry;-)

A secret spot:

I really like Teufelsberg in Grunewald, the former American spy station.

Where to go in the evening:

You can get really good Vietnamese in the east. From there you can barhop your way from Friedrichshain to Ostbahnhof. When the night vanishes it's time for clubbing at Berghain, the best club in the world they say.

Local etiquette:

There's no local etiquette in Berlin. Wear whatever you want, talk whatever language you want, people will try to understand. Ah, don't throw your beer bottles on the street, since we make our way through the city via bikes. Puke discreetly if you really have to.

Where to go to bed:

From Berghain walk your way back to Kreuzberg and stay at any AirBnB place to get the full Berlin experience. 

Tiger Milk by Stefanie de Velasco publishes 1st September 2014. It is a tender, funny and tragic story about two fourteen-year-old girls on the loose during a long, hot summer in Berlin.

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