The Black Dog Summer Playlist

The Spotify Playlist to accompany your Black Dog Summer reading experience.

Sally watches from the sky: Roads, Portishead

The Wilding house – Gigi sleeps: Something Dark Is Coming, Joohyun Park

Lesedi lives next door: Ma' Africa, The Mahotella Queens 

Sally moving to the bush: The Crossing (Osiyeza), Johnny Clegg

Sally realizes that Liam will never leave Adele for her: Teardrop, José González

Adele banishes Sally: Medicine, Daughter

Liam realizes why he chose Adele: Hurt, Johnny Cash

Gigi cuts: Where is my Mind?, Yoav

Lesedi tells Thabo she is going to Swaziland: Racing Away, Grant-Lee Phillips

Bryony walking to the Silvermans encounters the black dog: Angel Massive, Attack

Gigi hoping for Simone to rescue her (realizes she won’t): Blue Eyes, Springbok Nude Girls

Sally goes to Johan’s cabin: Love is Blindness, U2

Gigi kidnaps Bryony: In The House - In A Heartbeat, John Murphy

Gigi tells Bryony about the murder: Couting Bodies Like Sheep, A Perfect Circle

Sally dies: Requiem-Lacrimosa, Mozart

Adele finds some resolution: Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley

Sally is free: My Body is a Cage, Peter Gabriel

Black Dog Summer by Miranda Sherry publishes 14th August 2014. It is a powerful and gripping story of a murdered woman watching from the heavens as her traumatised daughter adjusts to life with a new family.

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