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New Voices - Brian Panowich On Writing

On Writing Bull Mountain

Brian Panowich

I used to discover new books to read by strolling used bookstores and finding covers that fit into my wheelhouse. If the back flap sold me, I’d give it a whirl. I discovered John Connolly that way, but nowadays it’s mostly by word of mouth. This Internet thing has made finding and connecting with writers I admire mucho easier, but I still dig through thrift shop boxes from time to time.




New Voices - Bull Mountain Playlist

Bull Mountain Soundtrack

The Playlist
Bull Mountain

by Brian Panowich

New Voices - Orkney Twilight Book info


New Voices - Clare Carson On Writing

On Writing Orkney Twilight

Clare Carson

Orkney Twilight was initially inspired by memories of childhood summer holidays in Orkney and our epic journeys by train, car and ferry from the south of England to the north of Scotland. Less obviously, the book draws on the years I spent living in Washington, DC. I was fascinated by American culture – stories of the American Dream, difficult beginnings overcome, redemption. 



New Voices - Orkney Guide

A Guide to Orkney by Clare Carson

New Voices - Orkney Twilight Playlist

Orkney Twilight playlist

The Playlist
Orkney Twilight

by Clare Carson

New Voices - Joakim Zander on writing

Joakim Zander on writing

On writing
Joakim Zander

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Diaries, bad poetry and short stories. But my first go at a complete novel was The Swimmer. It was easier and much harder than I had anticipated. I don’t think that I was prepared for the fact that the writing would take over my thoughts to such an overwhelming degree. And it was not until the very end that I was confident that I could pull it off at all. 


New Voices - Stockholm City Guide

A Guide to a day in Stockholm by Joakim Zander

New Voices - The Swimmer

About The Swimmer by Joakim Zander

New Voices - Tiger Milk


New Voices - Stefanie de Velasco on writing

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On writing
Stefanie de Velasco

When I was a kid I was always jealous of all the boys in the novels, having so many adventures and the girls were always the ones in the pretty dresses playing hopscotch. Nini and Jameelah are a little bit like Tom and Huck from Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Fictional characters are like gods. I really don't see the difference. You can call on them in bad times and ask for advice. 


New Voices - TigerMilk Playlist

Link to the Tiger Milk playlist on Spotify

The Playlist
Tiger Milk

by Stefanie de Velasco

New Voices - Black Dog Summer jacket


New Voices - Miranda Sherry on writing

Miranda Sherry on writing

On writing
Miranda Sherry

When I was little, there was a massacre on a rural farm that resulted in the death of someone I knew. It was the first time my life was touched by violence and it affected me deeply. Black Dog Summer was born from the fears and questions that had been plagueing me since. The fact that farm murders still happen in Southern Africa today made my need to tell the story both more pressing, and more daunting.


New Voices - Berlin City Guide

Stefanie de Valesco's Guide to Berlin

New Voices - The Playlist for Black Dog Summer

The Black Dog Summer playlist

The Playlist
Black Dog Summer

by Miranda Sherry

New Voices - Jo'burg City Guides

A Day in Johannesburg by Miranda Sherry

New Voices - The Playlist for The Swimmer

The Swimmer playlist

The Playlist
The Swimmer

By Joakim Zander

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